Traffic exchange

Here are the best traffic exchange sites that I am a proud member of.

Some of these sites have paid me cash ( commision ) + winner of the month.

Traffic x-change is a site where you surf sites, and earn credits that you can spend on your own sites that you want to promote.
It is similare to paid to click sites, only that you just surf. No need to click for each sites you will visit. And also you dont earn cash for looking at thoose sites, but you earn credits.

Some sites can you earn commission from your reffs.

At TrafficEra you earn credits to promote your own sites.
This is my favourite traffic x-change site.
If you want to join and you have some question about how this site works, just send me an pm in trafficera or here in my blog.

Hitsilo is running by the same owner as trafficera. Only that here you can earn up to 70% commission. You can also win the monthly lottery where you can win cash and / or credits
Dont belive it? I am a proud member that have won the lottery twice.
1st price = 250$ and also 25$ in another price. 
I have also earned over 100$ in commission.
So, this site is real, and they do pay.
Remember that this is also a surf site, so all you earn while yo surf is credits that you can spend on promoting your own sites.

Smileytraffic is a site that offer manual surf, autosurf & paid to click.
You earn commission from your reffs, and of course more if you are upgradet.


Easyhits4u is also a good surfing site. You can surf in 2 diffrent surfbar.
You willl earn commission, and even more if you are upgradet member