Good ptc sites that do pay.

Incentria is one of the sites that has been alive online for a long time. 
The owner is very trusted and he has maid several payouts to me 
and other members.

        Clicksia is the sister site to Incentria. Same things and same admin. Several payouts made.       
Buxsky is a new ptc sites that I have tested out for a while now.
They have paid me already 3 times, waithing for the 4th paymenth.     Now I have made my 5th cashout and I cashed out 20$ and therfor while I am waithing for them, the ammount dissaper from my banner, But you will see that when the payment has completed, the 20$ will be back in my banner.   Admin is answering mail within a few day (mostly within24 hours)             
Here are some sites that is owned and runned by friends of me.       
Here are some other sites that I want to call trusted.
              Because some of them has paid me many times, and some of them has a trusted admin/owner.